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The Process

Mediators talk with disputants jointly and/or separately during courteous and relaxed sessions in neutral settings. During this process with the appropriate facilitative approach, effective, satisfactory, and workable solutions that result in a wise agreement can often emerge. All of our mediators have a wide variety of techniques that can be used to resolve issues, have specialized training in their areas of practice and are familiar with the current state of the law with respect to court decisions in the area.

9 NORMS of Mediation
  1. Disputes do not have to end in a win/lose situation. Conflict is best managed and solved by non-judgmental mediation.
  2. In mediation, confidentiality is greater than it would be through litigation or in court.
  3. Mediation is facilitative.
  4. Mediators are impartial third parties with no vested interest in the outcome.
  5. The mediator's job is to listen and help facilitate the parties to work out solutions that are relevant and meaningful.
  6. Clients are given time to voice their concerns. As a result, clients feel empowered and satisfied throughout the process.
  7. Mediation can be viewed as early neutral evaluation thus allowing counsel and their clients to make an informed decision.
  8. Mediation is less time-consuming and certainly less costly than the traditional adversarial approach.
  9. The parties are more likely to adhere to an agreement arrived at in Mediation.

The Principle

The stress of prolonged disputes is manifested not only in wasted time and money, but in strain and dysfunction. Academic, government, and legal officials recognize that Alternative Dispute Resolution, especially mediation, can hasten the resolution of disputes and contribute to the best management of conflict.

During mediation, each party provides real input. Thus, a mediated solution is easier for most people to live with over time.

In short, mediation outcomes last longer because the parties perceive that their needs have been addressed, and that they have obtained personal empowerment throughout the process. This often results in better ongoing and future relationships between all parties involved.

The Potential

For individual and family clients:
A.D.R. and Mediation can channel scarce financial, logistical, and even emotional resources into a satisfying win/win solution for all parties.

For corporate clients:
Workplace Mediation/Analysis Investigation can enhance morale reduced by internal conflict, re-motivate personnel, and recover resources otherwise diverted to prolonged litigation.

For lawyers:

A.D.R./Mediation referrals can maximize client satisfaction. Lawyers can focus on legal issues, and have access to other resources that provide equitable solutions for their clients.

The Benefits

Mandatory mediation in Ontario
When the government of Ontario made mediation mandatory for some civil litigants, it also anticipated that mediation would be a future standard for dispute resolution throughout the province. Today, mediation has become so popular that it is the preferred choice over other methods of conflict resolutions.
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is one of the preferred methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) available. Other approaches include consultation, investigative fact-finding and research, conflict management, and arbitration.

Benefits of Mediation and ADR

Business, communities, families, and organizations can get bogged down in conflict. The management and resolution of both internal and external disputes can divert financial and human resources from core activities. Mediation professionals at A PLACE FOR MEDIATION can assist clients to reduce tensions and boost productivity. Mediation can also help those who are affected by, but not party to, a dispute. Our style of service is based on a model of caring consultation that utilizes our cross-cultural experience, training, and resources.

The Articles

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The Testimonials

Personal injury matter: “ In my first motor vehicle matter, Dr. Ally was able to offer a $250,000.00 on the table. We were very satisfied with his knowledge of this area of practice, his professionalism and ability to be unbiased.
Henry Blumberg, LL.B – Principal at Blumberg Segal LLP
Family Law matter: “As a precedent setting lawyer in the area of Family Law, I have been very happy with the mediation services offered by Dr. Ally. He has provided these services successfully for more than 15 years in matters that seemed impossible to resolve. I would be pleased to refer any clients to him as the need arises.”
Allen Cooper , LL.B – Law Office of Allen Cooper
Estate matter: “Your invaluable help in helping the parties in this sensitive matter and to get a resolution is very much appreciated by my client and me.”
Wayne F, Leacock B.Comm, MBA, LL.B, LL.M

The Programs

A Place for Mediation offers three certificate programmes:
• An Introductory Certificate - 80 Hours
• An Intermediate Certificate Program - 60 hours
• And an Advanced Program - 60 Hours
These programs can be tailored to suit your group or company’s specific needs. The delivery can be staggered in order to accommodate work, accommodation and child care considerations. For more information regarding developing an individualized program please call (416) 967-9432 ext. 26.


We are also in the process of delivering workshops on how to create a successful Mediation Practice. The seminars can range from 4 to 40 hours.


We currently provide supervision to smaller mediation groups and sole practitioners in order to maximize their potential for success. This supervision can occur by arrangement on an ad hoc basis or at regularly scheduled intervals.


We provide a few select opportunities for interns to develop their skills and competence through in-depth training with mediators from our practice.


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