The Testimonials

Personal injury matter:
“ In my first motor vehicle matter, Dr. Ally was able to offer a $250,000.00 on the table. We were very satisfied with his knowledge of this area of practice, his professionalism and ability to be unbiased.

Henry Blumberg, LL.B – Principal at Blumberg Segal LLP

Family Law matter:
“As a precedent setting lawyer in the area of Family Law, I have been very happy with the mediation services offered by Dr. Ally. He has provided these services successfully for more than 15 years in matters that seemed impossible to resolve. I would be pleased to refer any clients to him as the need arises.”

Allen Cooper , LL.B – Law Office of Allen Cooper

Estate matter:
“Your invaluable help in helping the parties in this sensitive matter and to get a resolution is very much appreciated by my client and me.”

Wayne F, Leacock B.Comm, MBA, LL.B, LL.M