The People

Our Mediators are knowledgeable, neutral, third-party professionals who have the experience, outlook, and training to listen and to help.

Most of our staff are certified with the Arbitration and Mediation Institute, the Ontario Association of Family Mediators, and Family Mediation Canada.

Mediators do not give legal advice, but help clients to craft the best solutions for their problems.

Bruce L. Ally - Ph.D.,L.L.M., (ADR)

Bruce Ally

Blaine Baker

Blaine Baker is a graduate of the Western Ontario and Columbia law schools, and was a Bigelow Fellow in Law at the University of Chicago. He is Professor of Law Emeritus at McGill University, and Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Toronto. Blaine has also been a visitor at the Osgoode Hall and Western Ontario law schools, and Scholar-in-Residence at the Borden, Ladner, Gervais law firm. He has taught widely, in contracts, administrative processes, torts and property, as well as in current alternative dispute resolution courses. Blaine began university-based conflict resolution in the early-1990s, and has been a Superior Court roster mediator (Toronto and Ottawa) since 2010 as well as a Financial Services Commission arbitrator since 2013. His publication dossier, which is on the McGill website, includes eight books and about thirty articles.

Laura Pursiainen - B.A., Cert. Med

Laura Pursiainen After completing her undergraduate work at Carleton University, Laura pursued her graduate work at York University where she completed the training as a Certified Mediator. She then interned at A Place for Mediation, one of Toronto’s largest mediation firms. Upon completion of her one year internship, she undertook a role as an administrator while beginning to build her practice as a mediator. This allowed her to develop a thorough understanding of the scheduling and billing associated with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program, as well as being able to deal with complex issues in multi-party disputes. She has now established herself as a mediator with specializations in employment and personal injury and is on the Attorney General’s roster of mediator’s for the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program through the Superior Court of Justice. She is also a member in good standing with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

Kevin Stapley - Cert. Med., WFA

Kevin Stapley Kevin is the founder of the CALM (Confrontation, Aggression and Liability Management) Training Program. Utilized by several institutions to assist parties, some potentially cognitively challenged, to deescalate and calm angry combatants thus providing a platform for dispute resolution. Kevin brings almost two decades of conflict resolution in the health care sector with a specialization in crisis intervention. He is a coach and educator who after completing his graduate certificate in Dispute Resolution at York University, commenced an internship for a duration of one year during which time he acquired additional skills and co-published an article on the state of insurance in Ontario. He has completed additional training in conflict management coaching with the CINERGY program and is a Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst. His application for the roster at the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program is currently in process and in addition to this, he continues to pursue his studies in Psychology towards his goal of a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution.

Agnes Kaufman

Agnes Kaufman Agnes has completed a Ph. D. in Public Health and a Ph.D. in Bioethics. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. She has extensive experience in dealing with people in emotionally charged environments particularly in healthcare crises. She is presently concluding her mediation internship with Dr. Bruce Ally and will be applying to the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program to be placed on the roster. She is a sympathetic yet practical listener to all who find themselves in conflict situations.

Adam Landriault

Adam Landriault Born in Toronto, Adam Landriault pursued his undergraduate studies at Carleton University where he received his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Law. On completion he pursued his graduate studies in the United Kingdom at Cardiff University in Wales, where he received his Bachelor of Laws with an Honours distinction in 2010. After graduating he started his own business in Ottawa, focused on business development, policy writing and athlete representation. In 2016, he commenced an internship with A Place for Mediation which enhanced his understanding of complex issues and multi-party disputes. On completion of the internship he became an associate with A Place for Mediation and operates out of both the Ottawa and Toronto offices, where his practice is geared towards employment, personal injury and sports dispute law. He is currently a member in good standing of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario and has applied to the Attorney General’s Roster of Mediators for consideration for both the Toronto and Ottawa Rosters.