The Benefits

Mandatory mediation in Ontario

When the government of Ontario made mediation mandatory for some civil litigants, it also anticipated that mediation would be a future standard for dispute resolution throughout the province. Today, mediation has become so popular that it is the preferred choice over other methods of conflict resolutions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is one of the preferred methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) available. Other approaches include consultation, investigative fact-finding and research, conflict management, and arbitration.

Benefits of Mediation and ADR

Business, communities, families, and organizations can get bogged down in conflict. The management and resolution of both internal and external disputes can divert financial and human resources from core activities. Mediation professionals at A PLACE FOR MEDIATION can assist clients to reduce tensions and boost productivity. Mediation can also help those who are affected by, but not party to, a dispute. Our style of service is based on a model of caring consultation that utilizes our cross-cultural experience, training, and resources.